Maria Sharapova - Tennis star

Maria Sharapova


En este espacio va el texto - Favor de insertar de acuerdo con las instrucciones que les entregue - Los veo en clase - Bye



See you later, alligator... after while, crocodille¡

Mirada angelical que no puede percibirse desde las gradas ...

What a shame...¡

Wimbledon - ¡Grandioso escenario acorde para una Sharapova!

And after the match, let’s go to the disco…¡


By the way,


Did you know that…


 Mr John Travolta has an official pilot license?


When he needed to collect flight hours, he worked free for Qantas. He flew a Jumbo.


Now he owns one of these aircrafts and he parks it right in front of his house. He lives in a place called Jumbolair, north of Ocala, Florida.


Some years ago he lived in a fly-in community near Daytona, but he was sued by neighbors who found his jets too large and noisy.


His new home is basically a small private airport. His passion for aircrafs is so strong, he even named his own son Jet.


Let’s watch some photos about it…


I know you're going to laugh about it,  but, one of the rules if you want to fly with me is... not to dance disco style inside the airplane¡¡¡ Ja, ja.

Now we're working on John Travolta's biography- Coming soon¡

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